🏗️9. Token Utility

The Xandar Token (XAN) serves as the primary utility and governance token within the Xandar Ecosystem. Designed to streamline transactions and ensure economic stability, XAN is integral to the functioning of the Xandar platform.


  • In-Game Currency: XAN is the sole currency used within the Xandar platform, facilitating transactions and economic interactions among players.

  • Entrance Fees: Users must stake XAN as an entrance fee to access different realms within the game, enhancing user engagement and participation.

  • Purchase Option: Players can acquire XAN by connecting their crypto-wallet, providing a seamless process for obtaining in-game currency.

  • Transaction Medium: XAN serves as the primary payment option within the XandarX Marketplace, enabling the purchase of various in-game assets such as faunas, weaponry, and lariats.

  • Direct Trading: All NFT transactions within the XandarEx Marketplace are conducted exclusively using XAN, ensuring a standardized and efficient trading environment.

  • Transaction Fees: Users can utilize XAN as transaction fees when exchanging NFTs with other players, fostering a vibrant in-game economy.

  • Battle Rewards: Awards earned through in-game battles are distributed in the form of XAN tokens, providing tangible incentives for player engagement and achievement.

  • Participation Fees: XAN tokens are required as participation fees for entry into the Battle of Xandar, adding strategic value to the event.

  • Staking Rewards: Players can earn staking rewards in the form of XAN tokens, further incentivizing active participation and investment in the Xandar ecosystem.

DAO Governance

XAN operates on the principles of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), empowering token holders with governance rights and decision-making capabilities. Through a community-led process, token holders have the opportunity to influence and shape the future development of the Xandar platform, ensuring a transparent and inclusive governance framework.

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