5.3 Battle of Xandar

It is an Inter-Realm competition held once every quarter in the G-Arena. The Xandar Points (XP) are the main pivotal factor in participating in the mega event, along with the game tokens. The contest will only be open to cardinal users of every realm in terms of Xandar Points who also have a sufficient number of game tokens in their repository.
If any cardinals do not have enough game tokens and do not want to buy more, the next user with the most Xandar Points in that realm will be allowed to participate in the event.
The Battle of Xandar is a mega-knockout championship event. The winner of the mega event will be rewarded with a Xandar Golden Box, which contains varieties of NFTs (fauna and weaponry) and a plethora of game tokens. The runner-up will be rewarded with the Xandar Silver Box, which contains a handful of game tokens and some NFTs (fauna or weaponry).