👊5.3 Battle of Xandar

The Battle of Xandar is an Inter-Realm competition held once every quarter within the prestigious G-Arena. Participation in this mega event is determined by Xandar Points (XP) and the possession of game tokens. Only cardinal users from each realm with a sufficient number of Xandar Points and game tokens in their repository are eligible to compete.

In the event that cardinal users lack the required number of game tokens, the next user with the highest Xandar Points in that realm will be granted participation.

The Battle of Xandar is a thrilling knockout championship event. The triumphant champion of this grand tournament will be awarded the esteemed Xandar Golden Box, containing a variety of exclusive NFTs (fauna and weaponry) alongside a generous allocation of game tokens. Meanwhile, the runner-up will receive the Xandar Silver Box, featuring a selection of game tokens and NFTs (fauna or weaponry).

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