🦌4.1 Fauna

In Xandar, each realm is home to a diverse array of creatures, each uniquely adapted to its specific environment. From the arid deserts of Sivatag to the lush forests of Gyepek, these creatures harness the unique climatic surroundings of their realm to sustain themselves and unleash fierce attacks during battles.

With the aid of the game token, adventurers can venture into any realm and traverse its surface in search of agile creatures to capture using the Lariat. Once successfully (resulting in an NFT) captured with the help of the Lariat, these creatures become integrated into the user's repository and can be utilized during battles within their respective realm. Through combat, these creatures can become more agile and even evolve their powers based on battle conditions using the AI technology.

Some creatures may come equipped with trademark weapons, providing users with additional advantages during battles. In addition to these trademark weapons, users can also utilize minted weaponry to further enhance their combat capabilities.

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