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4.1 Fauna

Each realm possesses different creatures that have the affinity to adapt to the living conditions of that particular realm. Each realm’s core imbibes unique climatic surroundings that the fauna harness to sustain, adapt, and unleash fierce attacks during battles. Some faunas are easy to find, and some are incredibly vigorous. They are found across the vast landscape of that particular realm. There are numerous faunas to be found throughout each realm's diverse geography, each with its own set of skills and combat abilities.
With the help of the game token, a user enters any realm and wanders the surface to capture the agile creatures with the help of the Lariat. After a successful capture (NFT), the respective creature gets integrated into the user's repository. These faunas will help the users during the battle in each respective realm. Combat will make them more agile, and even allow them to develop and modify their power based on the battle conditions.
Some faunas will even have some weapons with them beforehand, which will be the trademark weapon for that particular creature. The user character will use minted weaponry simultaneously during the battle, which will give them an additional advantage along with the trademark weaponry of the faunas.

Rare Species

Each realm has diversified and assorted kinds of creatures, except for a few of them, which possess the rare characteristics of Inter-Metaverse Operability. Apart from the Battle of Xandar, any user with the faunas (NFT) with the unique qualities of Inter-Metaverse Operability can participate in the Inter-Realm Battle. Every realm has a few faunas with erratic characteristics, which will be utilized in the contest.