💱6. XandarX

XandarX serves as the decentralized exchange platform within the Xandar ecosystem, providing players with a seamless avenue to trade NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) representing creatures (fauna) and weaponry. This marketplace enables users to buy or sell NFTs directly from or to the Xandar Marketplace.

Trading on XandarX

Players can engage in a variety of transactions on XandarX, including:

  1. Buying and Selling Faunas: Users can acquire NFTs representing creatures that they capture during gameplay or sell those they no longer wish to keep.

  2. Minted Weaponry: NFTs representing crafted weaponry can be bought or sold on the marketplace, allowing players to enhance their arsenal and customize their combat strategy.

  3. Lariat Acquisition: The Lariat, an essential tool for capturing fauna, can also be obtained from the marketplace.

Tokenized Transactions

One of the key features of XandarX is its integration of game tokens (XAN) as transaction fees. Users can utilize these tokens to facilitate trades, ensuring a seamless and efficient exchange process. This tokenized ecosystem incentivizes participation and fosters a vibrant marketplace environment.

User Vault

The User Vault serves as a secure storage repository for players, housing their collection of acquired NFTs. This virtual closet showcases the unique fauna and weaponry obtained throughout the game, providing players with a personalized and visually engaging display of their achievements.

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