4.4 The Lariat

The Lariat is the only possession with the help of which any user will be able to capture and apprehend fauna and even mint assorted weapons. It is an ardent and dynamic rope with an essence of sorcery in it, which provides the user with a strong capturing of any fauna or a powerful minting of any weaponry. Any user can trade it from the marketplace with the help of the XAN token.
Two variants of the Lariat will be utilized by the users during the game, and both have distinct utilities. The Golden Lariat facilitates the user's capture of the fauna. The Silver Lariat assists in the minting of the weaponry. Once either the fauna is seized or the weaponry is forged by the user in any of the particular realms, the artifacts will be automatically deposited into that user's repository. A user will be given a free Golden Lariat in their very first game while entering any of the realms with the help of the game token.