🏟️4.5 Arenas

In the vast expanse of the Xandar galaxy, users will engage in thrilling battles within the gladiatorial arenas of XandArena, wielding their captured fauna and forged weaponry. Each of the four realms boasts its own unique and meticulously structured arena, providing diverse environments and challenges for players to conquer.

The Intra-Realm Battle of the Xandar Galaxy is exclusive to each realm's Xandarena, where users compete within the confines of their realm's unique battleground.

For the grandest showdown of them all, the Inter-Realm Battle, famously known as the Battle of Xandar, takes place in the awe-inspiring G-Arena. Nestled within the sedentary gigantic star, Gargantua, this arena offers an immeasurably complex and memorable battleground for users to test their skills and strategies against opponents from across the galaxy.

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