5.2 Intra-Realm Battle

The game users will also scuffle it out with each other during the battle, with the help of their crafted weaponry and captured fauna in the XandArena. Every combat will require two entrance NFTs (fauna and weaponry) as battle charge fees, which will unlock the battle skills.
The winner of the battle will receive one of the loser's two entrance NFTs (fauna or weaponry), which will be awarded to the winner in the form of a box draw structure. One of the NFTs not chosen by the winner is kept by the loser. Each battle will take place in 3 rounds in the XandArena. Each round will last either 45 seconds or until any player knocks out the other beforehand. The winner of each battle will also be rewarded with XP (Xandar Points), which will be the deciding factor in their participation in the Battle of Xandar.
Except for a few species that have rare Inter-Realm Operability qualities, each realm features a diverse and varied population of creatures. Apart from the Battle of Xandar, any user with the faunas (NFT) with the unique qualities of Inter-Realm Operability can engage in the Inter-Realm Battle.