🤼‍♂️5.2 Intra-Realm Battle

In the fierce battles of Xandarena, game users clash with each other, utilizing their crafted weaponry and captured fauna.

During the battle, the winner claims one of the loser's two entrance NFTs (either fauna or weaponry) through a box draw structure. The remaining NFT is retained by the loser. Each battle consists of three rounds within the XandArena, with each round lasting 45 seconds or until one player prevails over the other. Victors of battles are also rewarded with XP (Xandar Points), which determines their eligibility for participation in the Battle of Xandar.

In addition to the vast array of creatures found within each realm, a select few possess rare Inter-Realm Operability qualities. These unique faunas can participate not only in the Battle of Xandar but also in the Inter-Realm Battle.

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