3. Realms

Each realm encompasses different regions, weapons, and creatures. The four regions depict surroundings similar to deserts, mountains, valleys, and isles, respectively.
The four realms are Sivatag, Hegy, Gyepek, and Sziget. Each realm consists of different creatures to be captured and different weapons to be minted. A user who buys the game token of a particular realm cannot enter the other realms, and the realm which the user enters will be unique for them.
Hegy Metaverse
  • Sivatag is a waterless and desolate area of terrain with little or no vegetation and consists of creatures that can withstand drought-like conditions.
  • Hegy is a mountainous alpine region with tall trees and snow on the peaks. It consists of creatures that can fly and climb and also withstand cold.
  • Gyepek is a vast expanse of grass with trees and full of green vegetation, with the most varieties of creatures in these conditions.
  • Sziget is a small portion of land with surrounding water that is in continuity with creatures that thrive both on land and water.
Gyepek Metaverse