4.2 Weaponry

It is not just the fauna that fights in the battle. The user character participates in the conflict as well, armed with futuristic and lethal weapons that are used as per combat conditions of that realm to increase the striking power throughout the battle.
Users will also mint assorted kinds of weapons with the help of the Lariat while excavating that particular realm. After a successful capture (NFT), the forged weaponry gets integrated into the user's repository. The weapons will be standard for every realm except for a few of them, which possess unique damaging skills and can be used vigorously in the Battle of Xandar. Some faunas will even have some weapons with them beforehand, which will be the trademark weapon for that particular creature. The user character will use minted weaponry simultaneously during the battle, which will give them an additional advantage along with the trademark weaponry of the faunas.
X-Kard is a rare weapon with extremely limited availability that can be forged from any realm. This weapon gives users an advantage over others in the Battle of Xandar.