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1. Introduction

Xandar is a Web3-powered adventure and arena-based MMORPG with the concept of Inter-Metaverse Operability and thrilling arena battles. It offers a unique gameplay experience where players can explore the vast world of the Xandar multiverse, collect rare artifacts, and battle other players in arena battles. Xandar is a cosmic galaxy of allure and home to a plethora of creatures that reside in its four realms. The realms revolve around the gigantic star, Gargantua, which is the nucleus of the galaxy.
Each realm encompasses different regions, weapons, and creatures. The four regions depict surroundings similar to deserts, mountains, valleys, and isles, respectively. Travel the expansive and varied panorama of each realm, capturing agile creatures and then using them to battle in the XandArena or trade among users via the exchange in the marketplace.
A user first buys the game token, which will help them to reach any particular realm. Once the user lands in the respective realm, they will voyage and apprehend creatures. Successful capture results in NFTs. Each realm has different kinds of creatures, except for some of them, which possess the rare characteristics of Inter-Metaverse Operability.
While exploring that region, users can also mint a variety of weaponry. NFTs are the outcome of successful minting.