8. Token Utility

The Xandar Token (XAN) is the utility and governance token of the Xandar Ecosystem. On the Xandar platform, XAN will be used as the only in-game currency to simplify money management and assure low inflation through the Blockchain Network's standards. This will guarantee constant token volume and a constant circulating supply.
  • The XAN token as an entrance fee will help users participate in the game by entering any of the realms.
  • Users can purchase the in-game token by connecting their crypto-wallet.
  • Xandar offers its in-game tokens as a payment option, and ultimately, all transactions in the XandarEx Marketplace will be carried out using the XAN tokens.
  • All NFTs (faunas, weaponry, and lariats) direct trading in the XandarEx Marketplace will be done using the utility token.
  • Users can use the in-game token as transaction fees to barter any NFTs among themselves.
  • All the in-game battle awards will also be rewarded in terms of utility tokens.
  • XAN tokens will also be used as a participation fee in the Battle of Xandar.
  • Staking Rewards will also be distributed to players in the form of in-game tokens.
DAO Governance
The XAN token will rely on the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) principle, which will be very beneficial for the token economy. The concept behind the DAO is to reduce the risk of manhandling investor funds by introducing decision-making power into the hands of an automated system and a community-led process. The concept of a DAO gives token holders the ability to vote on changes to the Xandar ecosystem.