2. Xandar Chronicles

According to Greek mythology, it is believed that the Goddess Hera sprayed milk across the sky, which led to the formation of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is the galactic home to a huge collection of stars, dust, and gas. The solar system orbits the center of the Milky Way Galaxy just as the Earth orbits the Sun.
Due to a mysterious time-space imbalance in the Milky Way Galaxy, a highly calamitous supernova was encountered, which resulted in the explosion of a stellar fragment of light. It disintegrated the Milky Way Galaxy and also the Solar System, including all of its lifeforms. This disintegration led to the birth of a new sedentary gigantic star, Gargantua, due to the accumulation of the energy radiated from the supernova. This accumulation created a time-space balance again, which resulted in the formation of the Xandar Galaxy.
The availability of life resources on Earth led to its disintegration into four distinct realms based on its various inherited environments. Most of the fauna's lifeforms were mostly destroyed due to the energy radiated from the supernova. Those who survived tried to adapt to the conditions and available resources of each respective realm. Each realm’s core imbibes unique climatic surroundings that the fauna harnesses to sustain and adapt to the living conditions of that particular realm.
The Xandar is now the home of agile and enchanted creatures in each respective realm. To maintain harmony and balance among the realms and their fauna, mortals from other galaxies will visit the realms of the Xandar to seize the fauna. The Mortals and their captured fauna would battle it out in the Battle of Xandar to become the ultimate legend of the Xandar Galaxy.